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Regatta Point?

Sailing is one of the most complete, fun, and interactive sports you can practice. It provides you with a series of benefits, including: 

  • Better posture through the strengthening of back muscles. In fact, sailing offers a full body exercise that strengthens core, arms, shoulders, and legs

  • New fun experiences and new friends who share similar interests.

  • Increased stamina, which makes previously difficult tasks—such as climbing a staircase—a breeze.

  • A sense of pleasant exhaustion which helps you drift into deep sleep as soon as your head lands on the pillow.

  • Improved cognition, better reflexes, and sharpened mental capacity.

  • Reduced stress thanks to the “E+N+L” formula: physical Exercise + time in Nature + beautiful Landscapes.

  • More vitality due to a series of natural reasons: (1) exposure to vitamin D which strengthens bones and immune system, (2) deep sense of presence and aliveness that comes from being aware of your surroundings, and (3) a happy feeling overwhelming you after your brain releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, thanks to the exercise and the nature.

With two locations, your membership will work at both!

I could go on for days as to why sailing and paddling is amazing exercise... But if you're already convinced and would love to give paddling or sailing a shot, then check out the different adult programs we have at Regatta Point.

Regardless of your skill level—whether you've never sailed before or are already a competitive medalist—we have the perfect program for you. And you don't have to worry about figuring out what level you're in. Through the different certifications we offer at Regatta Point, you'll fall into the perfect category. Nevertheless, here's a breakdown of the adult programs we offer. 

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for ages 16+


Kayaks, Standup Paddle boards & Paddle Boats

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Hopkinton: May 4th @10am

Worcester: May 26 @10am

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Sail & Paddle Members work in both Worcester and Hopkinton Locations.

Our Sail & Paddle Membership includes it all: sailing, unlimited sailing lessons, paddling, paddling lessons, and guest privileges to the boats capacity.


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Beginner I and II Courses

First we have the Beginner I Course. Inside, you'll learn how to:

⚓︎ Speak the language of sailing, understand key terms and how to apply them.

⚓︎ Tie essential knots: the Cleat Hitch, Figure Eight, Square Knot, versatile Bowline, and many more.

⚓︎ Set up and dismantle a sailboat.

⚓︎ Cast off and return to dock safely through different techniques.

⚓︎ Use different sailing techniques for various points of sail.

⚓︎ Sail efficiently through the skill of wind awareness.If you're more experienced and want to get even better at sailing, you'll learn to:

⚓︎ Use important navigational rules to ensure a safe and confident sailing experience.

⚓︎ Use safety positions and sailing signals, so you're prepared for diverse situations on the water.

⚓︎ Master advanced maneuvering techniques, like the technique of 'escaping irons'. 

⚓︎ Use sails to achieve helm balance.

⚓︎ Use telltales to adjust sail, enhance boat performance, and increase speed.

⚓︎ Right a capsized sailboat.

Basic Keelboat Certification

At Regatta Point, you can attain a basic keelboat certification. Upon completion, you'll be qualified to skipper an up-to-twenty-seven feet long keelboat. You'll also learn how to:

⚓︎ Understand personal preparation to set sail

⚓︎ Learn the parts of a keelboat, understand sail controls, and know protective measures against electrical hazards.

⚓︎ Master advanced sailing theory, boat dynamics, wind reading, and other expert concepts such as "sailing by the lee".

⚓︎ Know how the wind, tide, and currents can affect your sailing, and learn to navigate in various wind situations.

⚓︎ Become a pro navigator by developing basic chart reading skills, understand local Aids to Navigation objects, and avoid collisions by learning a few rules.

⚓︎ Master all aspects of the rescue process, and learn different overboard rescue methods (like the "Quick-Stop" and "Figure-8").

⚓︎ Learn all the crucial Safety and Emergency Procedures, and learn to protect yourself and others against overheating, hypothermia, and seasickness; as well as use flares and distress signals.

⚓︎ Understand anchoring procedures for emergency situations, as well as different techniques.

⚓︎ Arrive under sail and-or power safely in various wind conditions.

Intermediate and High-Performance Sailing Course

If you've already mastered the basics of sailing and want to take your sailing skills to a "top 1%" level, then the intermediate and high-performance course is for you. It's ideal to develop better sailing skills, be safer even in extreme conditions, and maximize your enjoyment of the sport. In this course, you'll also develop all the skills needed for competitive sailing, if that's something you'd like to do in the future.

You'll learn how to:

⚓︎ Master tactical sailing by gauging wind strength and recognizing wind shifts.

⚓︎ Master sail trim techniques for various conditions.

⚓︎ Position your body properly for optimal balance and control in diverse sailing conditions. 

⚓︎ Apply advanced maneuvers such as roll tacks, roll gybes, and S-turn gybes, granting you more efficiency and control while maneuvering.

⚓︎ Apply crucial safety measures such as signaling for distress, coping with harsh weather conditions, and avoiding capsizing in strong winds, among others.

⚓︎ Perform pre-sail and post-sail inspections on different parts of the boat, and apply basic boat maintenance skills.

⚓︎ Forecast wind and weather changes using natural indicators, and adapt your sailing strategy accordingly.

Regatta Point Racing Program

If you're an avid competitor and want to test your sailing skills in actual competition, the Racing Program is for you. In the racing program, you can:

⚓︎ Join a community of motivated people who pursue excellence in the sport. Post-race gatherings at local bars are really common!

⚓︎ Accelerate your sailing skills through actual racing experience—one of the fastest ways to become an expert sailor. 

⚓︎ Learn under the wing of experienced, USCG-licensed race coaches, who teach you advanced techniques such as sail trim, advanced steering, and spinnaker handling. 

⚓︎ Advance through a series of racing fleets as your skill improves.

⚓︎ Reap all the mental benefits that come from competitive racing: quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and heightened spatial awareness.

⚓︎ Test your skills by sailing in different sailing roles and weather conditions.

We create adventures and incredible memories for all people through recreational and competitive boating!



Our #1 Priority is Always Safety

We believe in teaching water safety skills in all our programs to ensure a safe time on the water for all.


Focused on Boating Education & Teaching New Skills

We are certified as both US Sailing and US Rowing facilities.


Having Fun & Making Memories

Boating is for everyone! We create an environment for everyone to enjoy themselves out on the water, engage with the community and create memories to last a lifetime.


Our Skilled Staff Ensures an Unforgettable Boating Experience

Proud to be a US Sailing and US Rowing Accredited Facility


🔹 Disconnect from phones & technology

🔹 Connect with other people in real life

🔹 Enjoy adventure and exploration

🔹 Have a sense of peace and relaxation

🔹 Notice improved physical fitness

🔹 Enjoy a sense of community

🔹 Learn new skills

🔹 Connect with the water and the environment

🔹 Reduce stress and anxiety


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